Listed below is are some of the properties that several of our team members have assembled land, secured land-use approvals, coordinated design development, constructed new and delivered to market:


  • 302 Monroe in Hoboken: (11) Luxury For-Sale Condominiums
  • 76 Saint Paul’s Avenue in Jersey City: (55) Multifamily Residential Units with (58) Underground Parking Spaces.
  • 27 Ravine Avenue in Jersey City: (3) Two-Family For-Sale, Luxury Townhomes.


  • 532 Jersey Avenue in Jersey City: (76) residential units, approx. 10,000 square feet of commercial space on grade with (33) underground parking spaces.
  • 100 Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd. in East Orange: Office/light fabrication/warehouse space totaling approx. 85,000 sq. ft. as a personal business investment and relocation for the owner’s contracting firms.
  • 313 7th Street in Jersey City: (10) Luxury For-Sale Condominiums
  • 209-211 Hackensack Plan Road in Weehawken: (8) Luxury For-Sale Condominiums above (10) parking spaces.